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June 29, 2012
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The Icon/Avatar Maker by AquaSeaPrincessChan8 The Icon/Avatar Maker by AquaSeaPrincessChan8
Hi guys! So this is what I have been working on this fine day! And this is a Icon/Avatar maker it's not flash beacause I don't have flash T.T so here are the stuff that are in this Icon/Avatar Maker:

A Icon/Avatar,Gender signs,Eye colors,Decarations,Extras (For the girls only beacause boys don't put stuff in their hair or and other!) and I think you need to zoom in not doing it in regular outside form. Beacause it will look horrible trust me unless if you are a expert at doing it! But you need the selection tool to do it but if you don't know the selection tool is yet i'll tell you. The selection tool is the tool the looks like a rectangle or square and but the free snip tool is the one that looks like a star or a out of circle thing in the old paint. But the one thats on windows 7 is when you on the select button on the bottom of the selection tool. if you want to change the color of outline of something like the decoration just click the color picker tool and click the color of the outline and click the right side of the mouse and choose the color you want to change the outline and click the right side of the mouse and color over the object Ta-Da! you changed the outline color! So enjoy making your icon/avatar! :3 and link it back when your done but you may use other colors if you want I don't mind! (:
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